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Not only can we soft wash your homes exterior, but we can pressure clean your sidewalks, driveway, and pavers. We also offer pressure cleaning services for pool enclosures, gutters, fences, rust removal and more. Pressure washing Orange Park homes and the surrounding areas.


We power wash commercial properties as well because it is important your business looks good in the eyes of the customer. A clean business will always bring in more customers than a dirty one


Instead of using harsh chemicals, we use eco-friendly solutions that are safe for the environment. We also use a low level of pressure to avoid any wear and tear.


Adams Pressure Cleaning is a professional pressure washing company that services Orange Park FL and the surrounding areas. We are the best pressure cleaning company in Orange Park and we can prove it because we strive for perfection in everything we do. Weather you need residential or commercial pressure washing look no further we can do it all. Here at Adams Pressure Cleaning we use Eco friendly, biodegradable, environmentally safe cleaning solutions because it is important to you and us. Pressure washing Orange Park and surrounding areas. Call us today at 904-999-7544 to schedule your free estimate.

Anyone can rent a pressure washer and DIY these projects, but not everyone knows how to professionally pressure wash a home or driveway without damaging their property, or getting hurt. If you need Pressure cleaning services and you live in Clay, Duval, St. Johns counties, do yourself a favor and leave pressure washing to our highly trained professionals. After all, your home is your biggest investment.

Our commercial pressure cleaning equipment and cleaning solution is guaranteed to kill algae, mold, and mildew – a HUGE problem here in Northeast Florida. If you got an algae covered driveway that can become a safety hazard and we can help you. If your deck is dirty and you want the wood to look like it use to we can help. If you got a walkway that looks like it is covered by who knows what call us we can help. For more information read our Adams Pressure Cleaning blog that covers even more services. 



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House Wash

House and building washing in Florida isn’t just a matter of maintaining your home and increasing its curb appeal. The humid, damp climate of Florida can turn your home’s exterior into a breeding ground for mold, fungi, algae, and more. If these organisms are left alone, they can damage your paint and siding, leaving permanent stains and unsightly patches.

That’s why we’re proud to offer the best house washing services in all of Florida. Whether your home’s exterior is built from vinyl, aluminum siding, stucco, brick, or any other material, we’ve got the expertise to clean away dirt, grime, and other debris – and leave your home looking brand-new!

Using safe, low-pressure equipment and advanced detergents, our professional power washing technicians will blast away dirt and grime. Contact us if you need a house wash to boost you houses curb appeal. Learn more about how you can prepare your house so we what we can clean your home!

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Driveway Cleaning 

When it comes to making your home look immaculate, you have to think about every last detail right down to the professional Orange Park driveway cleaning. It doesn’t take much for your driveway to begin to look dirty and dingy. Most driveways are laid with various types of block paving that are generally very porous. 

Without proper maintenance on a regular basis, any damp weather will soon allow and encourage the growth of algae, moss and weeds. Not to mention, problems like oil stains collect making the surface slick and unsightly. And if you have any anti-freeze leaks or spills this is not only unattractive it can be harmful to any animals that come into contact with it. So the best thing to do is to take care of keeping this surface clean by letting trained and experienced pros take care of the job for you. 

At Adams Pressure Cleaning this is exactly what our Orange Park pressure washing professionals can do for you. Keeping driveways free from rust stains, oil stains, moss, mold and algae is very important for safety reasons, plus it helps keep your property looking nice. 

When these start to show up on your surface, it becomes very dangerous to walk on, especially when it becomes wet and slippery. Not to mention, you could be tracking that mold, mildew, oil and other substances into your home and onto your carpet or other flooring. Cleaning concrete requires a little more pressure, high quality cleaning solutions and specialized equipment. 

This is much more than what you get from the pressure washer you rent for DIY jobs from your local home improvement store which lacks the ability to really get the job done. Of course, on the other hand, too much pressure can cause permanent damage to your surfaces so it is important to only work with true professionals who know what they are doing.

Orange Park Pressure Washing At Adams Pressure Cleaning we have everything necessary to complete the task including Customized Cleaning Solutions and Specialized Equipment. Once completed, your driveway and sidewalks will not only look great and be safe but also add curb appeal and value to your home. You will also save on your carpet cleaning expense by having clean surfaces outside and less dirt tracked into your home. 

The idea of “doing it yourself” can quickly turn into a nightmare and a project you wish you had left alone. So why take the risk of damaging your concrete or not getting the surface clean enough? There is a much simpler way to get your Orange Park driveway Pressure washing taken care of and that’s trusting our team of experts to handle the job for you. 

Our highly trained technicians will give you the results you need.

adams pressure cleaning walkway

Walkway Cleaning

Orange Park walkway pressure washing ends up being one of those tasks that you add to your to-do list and never seem to get around to, mainly because you don’t know who to call to get the job done. Taking care of the inside of your home is a chore in itself but that doesn’t mean you can simply neglect the outside. Walkways are the perfect example of places that get left out when it comes to taking care of cleaning. Yet at Adams Pressure Cleaning we specialize in this exact service.

Whether you like to admit it or not, your walkways are making an impression in the neighborhood. Now whether that impression is good or bad is based solely on how clean you keep surfaces like this. Having a clean sidewalk has numerous benefits, aside from just making your home look spectacular. It also removes substances like mold, moss and algae that can make your pathways slippery and dangerous.

The average walkway is made of concrete or another unsealed, porous material. While the finished result looks great it also becomes the ideal place for unwanted dirt to collect or algae to build up. Once you start thinking about the spilled soda, leaking garbage can or stuck on gum that has also left its mark, you realize it is time to get your walks professionally cleaned.

Walkway Cleaning Experts
While most people assume they can simply rent one of those pressure washers available at their local home improvement store, they are bound to be sorely disappointed with the results. The high pressure process we use at Adams Pressure Cleaning can remove all surface stains such as oil stains, gum, algae, mildew and other unwanted substances. Regular cleaning will enhance the appearance of your business or home and help you create the type of first impression you would hope for.

You put so much effort into having a space that looks well kept. You spend money on having professional landscaping and getting the outside of your home painted. But none of that will get noticed if all other people see is dirty and stained walkways. Let your Orange Park pressure washing professionals help you make the outside of your home look as immaculate as you want it.

Orange Park Walkway pressure washing
The great thing is too that you can feel good about working with Adams Pressure Cleaning to take care of this type of cleaning service because we use methods and cleaning agents that are eco-friendly. Yet you will still get the same level of clean and sparkle you would with traditional cleaners that don’t take the environment into consideration. For all of your Orange Park walkway cleaning service needs, give us a call today at (904)-999-7544. You can also look at our other services in our Adams Pressure Cleaning Blog

Adams Pressure Cleaning Orange Park FL 904-999-7544Adams Pressure Cleaning Orange Park FL 904-999-7544

Deck Cleaning

Water can become your worst nightmare when it comes to your deck. You run the risk of having your wooden deck becoming permanently damaged. Once a wooden deck becomes covered in mildew, it will start to rot and deteriorate which can end up costing you a lot to replace. Deck cleaning in Orange Park will prevent this and other problems from happening. 

Adams Pressure Cleaning are what you need to make it strong and longer lasting. The more that we neglect our decks; the worse they become. Have yours cleaned by our professionals today and see how great your deck was meant to look. We will make your fall back in love with your deck once again.

Decks as a Source of Outdoor Entertainment
Outdoor decks can add to your outdoor activities as they are wonderful places to entertain. But if your deck has not been cleaned in a while, it will remain looking like it is older than it actually is. Deep cleaning restoration will help keep it looking newer and more durable.

Sun & Water Damage
When your deck becomes dry and gray from sun and water damage, it does not seem very inviting and you may not find yourself using it as much as you once did. With our low pressure deck restoration service in Adams Pressure Cleaning, our Orange Park pressure washing specialists will bring your wood deck back to its natural color, making for a more attractive place to spend family time. Restoring the natural beauty of your deck takes the efforts of highly trained Pressure Washers like the ones you’ll find with us.

Restoring Your Deck’s Natural Beauty
Our restoration service returns your wood deck to its natural beauty; we can protect it from future sun, rain, and mildew damage. Especially in Orange Park where the sun plays the biggest part in drying out wood decks and furniture causing cracks and splinters. Our non-drying, deep penetrating, highly pigmented deck stains will help keep your wood looking beautiful and splinter free!

Benefits of a Deck Cleaning

  • No splinters
  • Improves quality of deck
  • Increases the resell value of property
  • Getting the Right Cleaning Contractor

For a majority of homeowners, the deck is an extension of the interior that can be enjoyed all times of the year. A deck can be a functional add-on that makes life easier as you can entertain on them with family and friends as Adams Pressure Cleaning can provide you with:

Expert advice
Equipped with proper tools and machinery
Has an established reputation
Are versatile handymen

You can have a Orange Park deck cleaning just by calling Adams Pressure Cleaning. You owe it to yourself and your family to have a better looking deck all times of the year, not just summer. We will make the necessary improvements for a deck that is going to last. Call us today and have a deck that you can now be pr

Adams Pressure Cleaning Gutters

Gutter Cleaning

A gutter which is clogged could have damaging effects on your home, especially your roof. Debris that’s collected in the gutters will build up and cause them to fail. Cleaning them can be scary, especially if you are afraid of heights. This is where Adams Pressure Cleaning can come to your rescue. We will provide you with a Orange Park gutter cleaning that will save your roof from failure. Your gutters have the main job of defending the roof and the foundation as well. We would like to help you keep it that way as we will remove the hazards from your gutters so your roof is more secured. Call in our experts for help and save.

Gutter Preservation
Ice, rain, snow and wind can ruin your gutters permanently. This also includes debris and dirt buildup from fallen leaves and insects & rodents. The more that your gutters take in the more problems that you will have long term. Gutter accumulation comes from:

In order for water to safely be able to drain off your roof; your gutters should be free of anything that is holding it back from the process. Water damage on Orange Park homes is a huge problem where a replacement gutter is sometimes needed.

Some homeowners have resorted to installing gutter guards as this prevents anything from getting into them. These are devices that cap over the gutters and prevent any accumulation from occurring. Gutter guards are a small investment for long term happiness and reassurance. .

In order to safely clean your gutters; you should posses the correct equipment and be able to endure long periods on a ladder. If you can’t, we understand this and will do the work for you so you can watch us safely from the ground.

Importance of a Non-Polluted Gutter
Fallen leaves and heavy debris can cause hundreds of dollars in damages each year. This is why it’s important to keep your gutters cleaned at all times, especially the fall where leaves fall most. You will save money and not have to deal with the insurance company with regularly scheduled cleanings.

Call the Orange Park pressure washing and gutter cleaning experts for your free estimate today. Protect your huge investment by going with our service and save. You’ll find that you save more and stop worrying over the condition of your gutters. Having your gutter professionally cleaned will prevent replacing them.

If you’re looking for an Orange Park gutter cleaning specialist, then give us a call today at (904)-999-7544.

adams pressure cleaning multi serface

Multi-Surface Cleaning

Taking care of Orange Park multi-surface cleaning is an important job in order to keep your home looking its best at all times. There are a variety of surfaces that can be taken care of and keeping them clean can even impact you and your family’s health. You just have to know what you need and who can take care of the work for you.

Restoring pavers is the first step to ensuring both look and function their best and are ready to be sealed and protected. The Orange Park pressure washing professional at Adams Pressure Washing are ready to bring their knowledge and experience to you. Over time, all surfaces can get a worn and weathered look, not at all what you had in mind. But by restoring concrete and pavers you can breathe new life into them without the expense and time it takes to have them replaced.

As the hot Florida sun beats down on your ground covering, the UV rays can cause them to fade. Add our state’s heavy rains to the mix and you have a recipe for an unsightly mess. Restoring concrete and pavers can get them looking like Florida’s climate hasn’t taken its toll.

Multi-Surface Cleaning Pros
You’ve certainly notices ground-in dirt on your concrete and pavers. It’s difficult to get it out, but we are experts at it and you will be amazed at how clean we can make them. We can also eliminate marks from your tires, grease, road grime, oil, algae and mold and that’s just part of the bigger picture.

Sure you may be able to pressure wash these areas but restoring concrete and pavers goes beyond just a pressure cleaning. Not only that, but pressure cleaning, especially when its done too often, can actually be harmful to surfaces. Even going one step further, neither of those are good for the environment. Pressure washing uses an excessive amount of water which can often be in short supply here in Orange Park.

Orange Park Multi-Surface Cleaning
The products we use during cleaning and restoration of different surfaces are better for the environment. When moisture builds up underneath your pavers it can cause them to discolor. By stripping off any old sealer you have on your pavers, this layer can be removed and make them look like new again.

Restoring concrete pavers is a job that you want done by a true professional which is where the Adams Pressure Cleaning team comes into the picture. If done incorrectly, it can lead to problems. As a local based company we know what the environment is like here and what it takes to clean these surfaces. We want to help make your home look like new again and have the curb appeal you want. So for all of your Orange Park multi-surface cleaning, make sure you call on us to get the job completed.

Adams Pressure Cleaning rust removaladams pressure cleaning orange park rust removal

Rust Removal

Rust Removal Cleaning Services in Orange Park FL

Living in Orange Park Rust Stains come in all types of shapes and colors. Rust Stains are also caused by a variety of different sources. Rust Stain Removal is not a one step process that fit’s every Rust Stain. When trying to achieve rust stain removal one must first be able to identify the kind of rust stain and the appropriate SAFE rust stain removal product to be used.

We specialize in professional rust stain removal services on the exterior of residential houses. We use heavy equipment and chemical solutions that can get rust stains out of all of your exterior features. We provide our rust stain removal services to Orange Park, FL and the surrounding areas.

Orange Park’s Rust Removal Professionals

Our Orange Park rust removers use almost exclusively the Front 9 Restoration products for not only Rust Stain removal, but for many other hard surface restoration projects as well. We have been the Orange Park FL Rust Stain Removal Professional Applicator of the Front 9 restoration system from the very beginning the product line was introduced.

Our process and procedure is able to achieve up to 100% Rust Stain Removal for such rust stains as Fertilizer Rust Stains, Battery Acid Rust Stains, Irrigation Sprinkler Rust Stains, and even automobile radiator rust stains.

Our specially formulated rust removal solution is engineered to react with oxidized iron to neutralize and remove tough well water rust stains from most outdoor surfaces. Removing rust from concrete driveways, sidewalks, vinyl fences, retaining walls, brick and stucco without rubbing or scrubbing.

When applied correctly our solution iron stain remover will dissolve rust stains on contact and without damage to plants, pets or the surface that it is being applied to.

Our rust removal solution works wonders on rust stains caused by well water sprinkler systems. Hard water, well water, mineral and rust stains will lighten significantly and in most cases will disappear completely.

Yes – it’s that easy to manage those stubborn rust stains caused by well water rust! Just give us a call and we’ll take care of those rust stains and while instantly enhancing the appearance of your property. Call now for a Free Estimate! (904)-999-7544



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“I needed to have my driveway and deck pressure washed. I am having my whole family over for the holidays. I found Adams Pressure Cleaning they did such a great job. They are the only pressure washing company you should use. They are Fast and thorough and clean up after themselves I am so lucky I use them  everybody should use them.”                  

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“I am so happy with the job they did. Mold and dirt was all over my house and I couldn’t sell it. Adams Pressure Cleaning pressure washed my house, driveway, and pool deck and my house sold very quickly after.”

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